Aspirational Living

From 2015 - 2017 Aspriational Living was a nomadic curatorial project.
The project was initiated as a collaboration between myself and invited
artists who's practice does not usually involve exhibition organising and

The Fool

Curated with Dudley Dream Walsh at Two Queens, Leicester - 2015
Featuring: Brendan Curtis Burton, Brian Griffiths, The Laboratory of Insurrectionary Imagination, The Punk
Scholars Network, Alistair Gordon, Dudley Dream Walsh & Matt Welch

Install view

Brian Griffiths - The Clown Situation (Striped Maroon)

Rose Walsh - Irony is the New Authenticity

Rose Walsh - Compassion Through Fashion (I <3 The KLF)

BBC Documentary - Watch The KLF Burn a Million Quid (1995)

Alistair Gordon - Collect No More Than Forty-Five Realities

Install view
Right: Matt Welch - Untitled (Crass Sculpture)

Trace Programme

Curated with Ruth Angel Edwards at Flo, Nottingham - 2016
Featuring: Gino Attwood, Joseph Buckley, Kerry Campbell, Nico Colon, Kate Cooper, Communitas, Hayden
Dunham, Ruth Angel Edwards, Adam Gallagher, Bunny Gamer, Sam Hewland, Ashley Holmes, Stewart Home,
Richard John Jones, Jake Kent, Beth Kettel, Frank J. Miles, Emily Pope, Stefan Sadler, Erica Scourti, Benjamin
Edwin Slinger, School of the Damned & Dan Szor.

Trace Programme was accompanied by two events: Rave Dinner Party, a reenactment of a previous event by
Communitas in NYC & Total Destroy, a talk and party by Richard John Jones
Funded by The Arts Council England.

Install view

Joseph Buckley

Gino Attwood

L: Stefan Sadler R: Emily Pope

Install view

Fishwife Material

A solo exhibition by James St. Findlay hosted in an attic studio in provincial Staffordshire - 2017

Install view