Triple O.G. Publisher & Gallery

Founded in 2012 with John Harris, Triple O.G. was a shop, publisher and gallery based in Nottingham.
Beginning our collaboration in 2011 with an exhibition/ installation/ party at One Thoresby Street titled
Rat on Rat, Triple O.G. was interested in presenting small exhibitions alongside a range of art books,
zines, prints and other publications. We also published a series of zines, exhibition texts and catalogues.

The records of this project are inconsistent and entire exhibitions seem to have been undocumented, 
others just using phone cameras. Presented here is what remains of the Triple O.G. archive. Special
thanks to Alex J Walker for producing the typeface and design.

Oblivion Suite
A solo exhibition by Leon Sadler at Triple O.G.

Duo Show
Jonny Negron & Kyle Platts at Triple O.G.

Welcome to the Show Pt. 2
Yves Scherer & Alec Mackenzie (aka Bad Blueprints) at Triple O.G


Welcome to the Show Pt. 1
Jaakko Pallasuvo & Jonathan Baldock at Triple O.G.

A solo exhibition by James E. Smith at Triple O.G.

Rat on Rat
A group exhibition-event featuring Rose Walsh, S Mark Gubb, Peter Stonhold, Sam Minton
& George Evans at One Thoresby Street